We are pain, injury and rehabilitation specialists for Southwell and the surrounding areas.  Improving movement for life and sport.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy treats joints and muscles to rebalance movement, improve posture and relieve pain.

Whilst osteopaths specialize in issues relating to the spine, osteopaths can help the majority of problems related to muscles, joints and nerves.

We have a keen interest in treating sports injury and assisting sport performance. At Osteopathy Southwell we specialize in complimenting treatment with corrective exercise and rehabilitation.


Treatment frequently includes soft tissue massage, joint manipulation and acupuncture. Osteopaths specialise in back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraine, but osteopathic treatment has been shown to help the majority of problems related to muscles, joints and nerves.

There is now growing evidence of Osteopathic treatment helping a range of conditions including arthritis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), fibromyalgia, depression, stress and fatigue.

All Osteopaths are registered and regulated by the General osteopathic Council.

Osteopathy Southwell provides:

  • Osteopathic treatment
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Massage

Osteopathy Southwell treats:

  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Neck pain, headache and migraine
  • Sports injury
  • Hip and knee arthritis
  • Shoulder pain including ‘frozen shoulder’