[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel names=”Lisa Clughen,Keith Fletcher,Laura Jarvis” tbackgroundcolor=”#d14c00″ ttextcolor=”#ffffff” avatar_link_target=”_self” avatarwidth=”60″ avatarheight=”60″ tnumber=”3″ autoplayspeed=”3000″ subtitles=”Lg==”]Having seen so many people about (my knee pain) prior to James, I thought I was destined to have a painful knee for the rest of my life and that exercise would just make things increasingly worse. Within three weeks of working with him, though, I was almost pain free

From the start James was completely honest and professional in his approach. Hde made no false promises…Within 12 weeks I was able to walk without the pain I had lived with fpor years

Before I went to James I was suffering with a lot of hip/back pain whilst riding. ¬†The first few sessions we focused on getting my alignment sorted and dealing with any pain I had been experiencing in the saddle. I felt an immediate improvement after these sessions and couldn’t believe how much discomfort I had been in until I had experienced what it was like to not be in pain![/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]