Help with Back Pain

back pain

Back pain and stiffness is often seen as a symptom of old age or the early signs of arthritis and is frequently accepted as a fact of life. Apart from ‘popping the occasional pill’ when things get really bad, we often ignore joint pain. We can choose to be more proactive in looking after our body so that daily activity and exercise can be a pleasure rather than a challenge.

Rest and inactivity is often the worst thing you can do for a bad back and in fact moderate exercise such as walking, stepping and squatting can be fantastic for joint health. We can learn exercises to help condition the muscles that support our joints. Stomach and ‘glute’ exercises are particularly effective in helping manage back pain. Even maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated by drinking 6-8 gasses of water a day can also help combat the symptoms of arthritis. Treatment from a qualified medical professional such as an osteopath can help reduce pain, and in the same way as having a regular service of your car, regular treatment can play an important role maintaining a healthy body.

Osteopaths specialise in managing joint pain, in particular back ache and neck pain that can be the cause of headaches and migraine. Osteopaths are fully registered and regulated health care providers who use a mix of techniques including massage, manipulation, joint mobilisation and acupuncture alongside exercise and lifestyle advice. Osteopaths are recognised by insurance companies as being able to offer effective treatment for a range of conditions and there is now a specialist osteopathic unit based at the Queens Medical Centre Spinal Care Unit.

A new Osteopathic clinic has opened in Southwell on Kingstreet. James Crossley the Principal Osteopath is available to talk to regarding any musculoskeletal condition. If you would like an assessment or treatment, sessions are by appointment so please call 01636 919469.